Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hairless Cats Basic Appearance

Hairless Cats ImageHairless Cats or commonly known as Sphynx, is one of the rarest among cat breeds. Their unique appearance makes them stands out more in public and we can straight away know a hairless cat when we see one. Although they are not the favorite for many cat lovers because of their bizarre appearance, different peoples have different perspective I must say. I for myself is quite fond with my hairless cat as she is extremely playful and affectionate to other things, mostly at me. For any of you guys that intend to adopt a cat, I would highly recommend that you to try out a sphynx or hairless cat breed. Read the rest of this post to find more information on their basic appearance.

Similar to any other cats, they can be in many colors including black, brown, white or red. Some of hairless cats also have a combination of colors like red and black, white and brown, etc.

Hairless Cats are classified as a medium-sized cats with thick and muscular body. Most males weight between 8 to 10 pounds while females range from 5 to 8 pounds.

In theory, they do have hair despite being called as hairless cats. But the length of the hairs are barely enough for one to see from afar since it's too short.

Face Shape
They posses a wedge-shaped face, which resemble an upside-down triangle. They also have a long and large ears with big oval-shaped eyes.

Unlike any other cat breeds that have a long whiskers, Hairless cats only have short curly whiskers and most of them don't have any at all.

That's it for today post and I hope you are well informed of Hairless Cats appearance.


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