Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Pictures Of Hairless Cats

Some of my friends often asked me why do I decided to keep a bizarre looking hairless cat as a pet instead of any other cat breeds? My answer is simple, since I tend to look things on a different perspectives, so as it goes for my pets. Don't simply judge a book by its cover, though hairless cats or commonly known as sphynx seems to be a little weird by its appearance, I'm sure you will fall in love with them once you experience their affection towards you. They are extremely playful and due to their lack of coat, hairless cats tend to cuddle up to you to keep them warm - wouldn't you love when your cat does that?. Hairless cats can be as cute as any other cat breed and to prove my point, these are some of the best hairless cats pictures that I've gathered from the Internet.

A Tattooed Hairless Cat Image

Two Hairless Cats Cuddling On Each Other

A Cute 2 Weeks Old Hairless Kitten

Two Hairless Kittens On A Table

Hairless Cat With A Red Hood Picture

A Cool Suspicious Looking Hairless Cat Pics

How about now? Still not satisfied with the cuteness they portray? The good news is that more hairless cats pictures will be added in the near future so be sure to bookmark us. Another thing, if you got hairless cat or kitten pictures that you would like to share with me, just email them to and I'll have it posted here.