Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hairless Cats General Information

A Picture of Peach Colored Hairless CatHairless Cats or Sphynx(also known as Canadian Hairless) is a rare breed of cat that known for their lack fur of coat. They're often mistaken as a dog because of their small body that resembles Chihuahua, a small dog breed. The first hairless cat was found in 1996 by the name Prune but died without having any descendants. One year after that, a longhaired mother cat along with her hairless kittens were rescued in Toronto. One of the kittens were brought to Europe and was bred to a Devon Rex which resulted with some hairless offsprings.

The very clear characteristics that differentiate an hairless cat with any other cats is from their lack of coat which sometimes exhibit a curly shape. They have a small but heavy sturdy body with a long ears. They often display an extra affection and curiosity on other things rather than themselves. Due to their hairless coat, they often prefer to cuddle up against other animals and people to keep them warm. So don't be surprised when you found your cat slept next to you under the same blanket. ^_^

Hairless Cats color skin would represent what their fur would be. They come in variety of colors including peach, blue, black, chocolate and red. As for their markings, hairless cats also display like any other type of cat markings(solid, tortie, tabby, bicolor, etc).

Don't be fooled by their less cuteness from any other cats. A full grown of hairless cats can cost up to $1500 each because of their very unique feature - hairless!. As you can see, many of cat lovers out there have allergic towards cats(sneezing, runny nose, etc) and one of the best solution for this problem is to adopt or purchase a hairless cats.


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